Tips and Tricks for Adobe Acrobat DC

5 Lessons Intermediate

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Adobe Acrobat is one of the most powerful tools that accountants use. Here are video tips that provide you with great ways to use this software. 

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Extract Pages from a PDF

Your PDF has 116 pages, but you desire to send a single page to a client. So, you're wondering how to extract a page from a PDF. Below, I show you how. Then I  demonstrate how you can email the information. It only takes seconds. 

Converting Bitmap Images to Readable Text Using OCR

Are you wondering how to convert scanned images into searchable text?

Some scanned documents (PDFs) aren’t searchable until optical character recognition (OCR) is applied.

In the video below, I show you how to convert a scanned document (PDF) into searchable text using OCR. But why would you do this?

Suppose you use your local scanner to scan a 100-page debt agreement. You do so because you desire to electronically search for the words “covenants” and “debt ratio.” Once you create the PDF, you hit “control F,” so you can search the document. But you get a message saying the document is not readable. What should you do?Convert the scanned pages to readable text using OCR. Then you can search for whatever words or phrases you wish. 

Once the scanned document is readable, use “control F” to activate the search box in Adobe Acrobat. Then enter the words you are looking for. This is so much easier than reading 100 pages and still not finding the information you desire.

Comparing Financial Statement Numbers within One PDF

Sometimes you need to compare financial statement numbers within a PDF–even though the numbers are pages apart. How can you do this without printing the PDF? Below I show you how.

Of course, a second way to compare financial statement numbers is to open a second instance of the PFD on an adjacent monitor. I do both, depending on the numbers I am trying to compare. I might use the first method (in the video) to compare rows of numbers (e.g., equity totals) and the second method to compare financial statement numbers to disclosures.

Converting Word or Excel Files from a Desktop to a PDF

Do you ever need to convert Word or Excel files on your desktop into a PDF? Below I show you how to convert your Excel or Word documents to a PDF in just a few steps. 

Combining Different Documents into One PDF

Do you ever need to convert and combine Word and Excel files into one PDF? With Adobe Acrobat DC you can do so. Here is a video demonstrating how you can convert different types of documents into one PDF.