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Nov 08

Episode 16 – How to Improve Your Book of Business (for CPA firms)

By Charles Hall | Podcast

Over time CPA firms naturally pick up undesirable clients. And these clients can adversely affect the value of your CPA firm’s book of business.

For example, 20% of your clients may take 35% of your time and yet bring in only 15% of your income. Some clients take an inordinate amount of time and are difficult to deal with (though, thankfully, this is usually not the case). And these undesirable clients can weigh negatively upon you (the CPA firm owner) and your business value.

In this podcast I talk about three important factors in valuing your book of business:

1. Types of services

2. Payment history of clients

3. Realization

Changing the composition of your client portfolio makes all the difference. Listen now to better understand why–and for solutions. 

Key Numbers from the 2018 ACFE Fraud Survey
Aug 20

Episode 13 – Key Numbers from the 2018 ACFE Fraud Survey

By Charles Hall | Fraud , Podcast

If you’re going to prevent or detect fraud, you have to know where to look. 

In this podcast episode, we take a look at the key numbers from the 2018 ACFE Fraud Survey. For instance, the median duration of a fraud prior to detection is 16 months and the median theft loss for small entities is $200,000. This global survey provides you with unique insights into how frauds occur–and the related damages. 

Listen now to be in the know.